Alberta, Canada
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Kentucky Bluegrass
Poa pratensis
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Also known as - Smooth Meadow-grass.

Native to Alberta. Perennial.

General Description

By Gustave J. Yaki

Native; circumpolar. Common. Stems, creeping, with long white stolons above or below ground, often tufted, 3-8dm high. Leaves, soft, flat or folded, 2-4mm wide; blunt-tipped, with short ligules. Flowers, spreading, lowest branch in a whorl of 5, of different lengths; with flattened oval spikelets; 4-6mm long; May-July. Habitat, prairies, woodlands.

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Where to find Kentucky Bluegrasss in Alberta   

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Interesting Facts about Kentucky Bluegrasss   

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Kentucky Bluegrass Stories from our Readers   

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Recent Kentucky Bluegrass Reports in Alberta

Abundance Location Reporter Date
Present Fairview Escarpment Blake 2010/07/06
Present Red Deer County Blake 2009/07/21
Present MD of Ranchland No. 66 Blake 2006/06/10
Present Weaselhead/Glenmore Pk Gernigswald 1998/06/06
Present Weaselhead/Glenmore Pk Gernigswald 1980/06/28

Kentucky Bluegrass Hotspots in Alberta

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